Water Based

Sexual Lubricants & Personal Moisturizers

Water-based formulas are a great choice when you want a low to moderate lasting lubricant that’s safe for all materials and is affordably priced.

Water-based lubricants have the widest range of formulas – they vary in texture, lasting power, and body-safety.

SLICK.SEXY especially looks for and recommends water-based lubricants made with propanediol, carrageenan, and plant gums like guar and xanthan.

Lubricant pH

Water-Based Lubricants & Vaginal Health

pH plays a vital role in the health of every major body system. If you have a vagina (or care about someone who does) here are some things to know about the pH of water-based lubricants and how it may impact vaginal health & fertility.

Lubricant Osmolality

Water-Based Lubricants & Your Health

Osmolality describes how concentrated a water-based lubricant is. Because highly concentrated lubes can cause irritation, promote infection, and impact fertility, we think osmolality is one of the most important things to know about your water-based lubricant. Here’s how to find safer, low-osmolality formulas.