Divine 9 Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Divine 9 Water-Based Personal Lubricant


While we haven’t completed a full review, we’re confident Divine 9 will be making it to our All-Around best list.

Divine 9 is one of the best feeling and longest-lasting water-based lubricants we’ve tried – it’s on par with a good silicone hybrid but without the harsh emulsifiers common in those formulas.

We chalk this up to carrageenan – an ingredient obtained from sustainable red seaweed that we refer to as nature’s uber lube because, unlike some plant gums, it doesn’t get sticky, tacky, or ropey as it dries.

Even better is that carrageenan is effective at trapping viruses and Divine 9 is currently the only lubricant with clinical studies showing that it is highly effective in the prevention of the human papilloma viruses. HPV is the world’s most common sexually transmitted disease.

We highly recommend Divine 9 and the full review will be available in September 2019.

Condom & Material Safety

Water-based lubricants do dry, but can become slippery again with water. Be sure to wash hands and clean spills.
Washes off with plain water. Won't stain most fabrics.


WaterCarrageenanPropylene GlycolSaccharinCitric Acid.

Consistency & Lasting Power

Packaging & Labeling

Shelf life from date of manufacture: 36 months
Replace open bottles by the 'best if used by' date or every 9 months
Osmolality: < 700mOsm/kg H2O
FDA 501(k) Status: Approved

In most cases, the FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose a lubricnat's pH or osmolality. Because we feel it's important to vaginal health, we do request this information. However, it isn't always available or offered and does not impact our reviews.


Divine 9 Water-Based Personal Lubricant has passed our initial screening based on ingredients, manufacturer info, and customer reviews. We have not obtained samples yet.

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