Genneve Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Genneve Water-Based Personal Lubricant


We’ve received samples of Genneve Water-Based Personal Lubricant and its full review is in progress.

What we can tell you is that every Genneve product has been designed to support vaginal health and is gentle enough for even highly sensitive skin.

Genneve Water-Based Lubricant is pH optimal and isotonic – meaning it’s unlikely to cause irritation and won’t disrupt vaginal microflora.

We’re also big fans of lubricants made with propanediol & gluconolactone – two ingredients that when paired together, give formulas extra moisturizing properties.

Genneve is an awesome for-women-by-women company and a great resource for people going through menopause. We’re really happy to be reviewing Genneve lubricants – look for the full set in September 2019.

Condom & Material Safety

Either we cannot confirm this product's compatibility with polyurethane, or the product explicitly states it is not compatible with polyurethane condoms. This is most common in formulas that contain vitamin E. Info
Water-based lubricants do dry, but can become slippery again with water. Be sure to wash hands and clean spills.
Washes off with plain water. Won't stain most fabrics.


WaterPropanediolGluconolactoneHydroxyethylcelluloseSodium BenzoateCitric Acid.

Consistency & Lasting Power

Packaging & Labeling

Shelf life from date of manufacture: 36 months
Replace open bottles by the 'best if used by' date or every 9 months
Osmolality: 241-251mOsm/kg H2O
FDA 501(k) Status: Pending Approval

In most cases, the FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose a lubricnat's pH or osmolality. Because we feel it's important to vaginal health, we do request this information. However, it isn't always available or offered and does not impact our reviews.


Many thanks to Genneve for providing the products used in this review - we appreciate your support!

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