Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Lubricant

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Lubricant


Our reviewers have used more than one tube of Almost Naked in their personal lives and all agree it’s gentle and effective, but lower lasting. Our experience tells us this is true of all aloe-based formulas with similar ingredients and we feel this is perfectly acceptable. Our reviewers also note Almost Naked has a strong vanilla smell some people may not like. While we wouldn’t recommend it for marathon or anal sex, it’s great when all you need is a little added slip.

Condom & Material Safety

Aloe-based lubricants do dry, but can become slippery again with water. Be sure to wash hands and clean spills.
Washes off with plain water. Won't stain most fabrics.


Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera)Xanthan GumAgarLactic AcidPotassium SorbateSodium BenzoateFlavor (natural).

Almost Naked is an aloe-based formula made with xanthan gum for added slip and thickened with agar. It’s a safe, gentle, and free of ingredients that can cause irritation.

Like all aloe lubricants we’ve seen, Good Clean Love contains flavor (aroma). We note that as a category, flavors are among the ingredients most likely to cause irritation. We also note that flavors – even natural ones – are heavily debated ingredients because of of how they’re sourced, the number & variation of compounds they contain, and a lack of clear labeling laws.

While we’d love to see aloe-based lubricants made without flavor (aroma), we haven’t found one yet.

Consistency & Lasting Power

Add water to reactivate.
Dries to a sheen. Leaves a tight feel. 

Almost Naked has a light, watery slickness that reminds us of a woman’s natural lubrication. As a category, aloe-based lubricants tend to be lower lasting. Good Clean Love scores above average with a moderate lasting power. Almost Naked is a solid general duty lubricant best suited for vaginal sex and lubing up condoms.

As Almost Naked dries, it goes through a sticky phase that kind of surprised us. Beyond one or two reapplications, adding more lube only compounds the stickiness. Instead, add a few drops of water to reactivate the slip.

Like pure aloe vera, Good Clean Love dries to a thin, somewhat shiny, finish that feels a little tight on skin. Almost Naked rinses away easily with plain water and a little rubbing. It’s unlikely to stain even delicate fabrics.

Taste & Smell

No tongue numbing. No gross mouth-feel. Light taste. Sweet.
Strong smell. Vanilla.

Good Clean Love has a strong vanilla smell both in the bottle and when applied to skin. Our reviewers had mixed reactions, but they all agreed less smell would be better.

Almost Naked has a faintly sweet taste that’s barely noticeable. It doesn’t numb the tongue or have a gross mouth feel. If you like the smell, we’d recommend Almost Naked for oral sex.

Packaging & Labeling

Shelf life from date of manufacture: 36 months
Replace open bottles by the 'best if used by' date or every 9 months
pH: Unknown
Osmolality: Unknown
FDA 501(k) Status: Approved

In most cases, the FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose a lubricnat's pH or osmolality. Because we feel it's important to vaginal health, we do request this information. However, it isn't always available or offered and does not impact our reviews.

Good Clean Love Almost Naked’s official page states that it is ‘pH-balanced and iso-osmolar’. We have requested specifics, but take this to mean a pH of approximately 4.5 and an osmolality of 260-290 mOsm/kg.

We reviewed the 4 oz. squeeze tube with a flip cap. The cap is easy to use one-handed. The size of the hole is right for the thickness of the gel and it’s easy to dispense the right amount. Left open, the tube doesn’t leak. The low sheen finish and flexibility make the tubes easier to hold onto with lubey hands than other products we’ve tried.

We love the look and feel Good Clean Love’s recycled sugarcane tubes – they’re bright & cheerful and blend in easily with other bodycare products.

We purchased 4 tubes from Amazon and these each have a lot number and expiration date stamped into the crimp. We also purchased 2 bottles from a local chain and these only have a lot number – no expiration date is visible anywhere on the packaging and we discarded these bottles.

We wish all manufacturers would explicitly state compatibility with latex, polyisoprene, polyurethane, and silicone materials – only latex & polyisoprene are listed.


SLICK.SEXY purchased the products used in this review directly from Amazon.

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