Liquid Silk Silicone Hybrid Personal Lubricant

Liquid Silk Silicone Hybrid Personal Lubricant


Read enough reviews and you discover that Liquid Silk has an almost cult-like following – it’s THE lubricant by which pretty much every other hybrid – and many water-based formulas – are measured.

This is especially impressive when you know that Liquid Silk is a UK product that gained popularity through word of mouth – no social media, no advertising – and that it continues to be a favorite despite being temporarily unavailable in the US.

When we first contacted Bodywise, Liquid Silk was a top rated product on Amazon. It’s a shame the US reviews aren’t available, because in our original database we noted keywords like long-lasting, non-sticky, feels great, good for anal, no burning, and no irritation from those reviews. Indeed, the UK reviews of Liquid Silk are just as good.

At that time, Bodywise had just stopped shipments to US distributors and in the following months, we watched the price of Liquid Silk skyrocket as available stock dwindled. As a result, we never reviewed Liquid Silk.

That’s why we were happy to discover that Liquid Silk is again available in the US at a sane price – the most reliable source we’ve found is

Because Liquid Silk is well-known and popular, we’ve decided to use it as our bench mark formula for all silicone hybrid reviews.

One word of caution about Liquid Silk – and silicone hybrids as a category – is that they’re made with emulsifiers and usually contain parabens – ingredients that many of this site’s visitors need or choose to avoid.

We’ll have a full review of Liquid Silk in August 2019 and will use in in all silicone-hybrid comparisons moving forward.


Condom & Material Safety

Either we cannot confirm this product's compatibility with polyurethane, or the product explicitly states it is not compatible with polyurethane condoms. This is most common in formulas that contain vitamin E. Info
Silicone never completely dries and stays slippery for a long time. Be sure to wash hands and clean spills.
Washes off with light soap and water. May stain some fabrics.


WaterPropylene GlycolIsopropyl PalmitateDimethiconeCellulose PolymerPolysorbate 60Sorbitan StearateCetearyl AlcoholGlyceryl StearateDisodium EDTAPhenoxyethanolMethylparabenButylparabenEthylparabenPropylparaben.

Consistency & Lasting Power

Packaging & Labeling

pH: Unknown
Osmolality: Unknown
FDA 501(k) Status: Not approved

In most cases, the FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose a lubricnat's pH or osmolality. Because we feel it's important to vaginal health, we do request this information. However, it isn't always available or offered and does not impact our reviews.


Liquid Silk Silicone Hybrid Personal Lubricant has passed our initial screening based on ingredients, manufacturer info, and customer reviews. We have not obtained samples yet.

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