Siquid Naturals Sassy Personal Lubricating Gel

Sliquid Sassy Natural Lubricating Gel


Sliquid Naturals Sassy is the thicker version of Sliquid H2O. It’s made with simple and safe ingredients that are extra gentle & the base for the entire Sliquid Naturals line. While we haven’t completed the full reviews, we know from past experience that every Sliquid Naturals product is likely to make our All-Around Best list.

Sliquid Naturals Sassy has passed our initial review focused on ingredients, manufacturer info, and customer reviews. We do recommend this formula and will be doing a full review in late 2019.

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Condom & Materials Safety

Water-based lubricants do dry, but can become slippery again with water. Be sure to wash hands and clean spills.
Washes off with plain water. Won't stain most fabrics.


WaterPlant CelluloseCyamopsis (Guar Conditioners)Potassium SorbateCitric Acid.

Consistency & Lasting Power

Taste & Smell

No tongue numbing. No gross mouth-feel. No taste.
No smell.

Packaging & Labeling

pH4.0 – 4.4
Osmolality: Unknown
FDA 501(k) Status: Not approved

In most cases, the FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose a lubricnat's pH or osmolality. Because we feel it's important to vaginal health, we do request this information. However, it isn't always available or offered and does not impact our reviews.


Siquid Naturals Sassy Personal Lubricating Gel has passed our initial screening based on ingredients, manufacturer info, and customer reviews. We have not obtained samples yet.

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