Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant

Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant


Wet Platinum has everything we look for in an All-Around Best. It’s slick, long-lasting, and never gets sticky. It’s non-irritating & vagina-friendly. A little goes a long way, it’s great for most kinds of sex, and it’s safe for all condoms. It feels nice as it dries and is reasonably easy to clean. What’s not to love?

If you only have one lube on your nightstand, we recommend silicone because of its versatility and safety. Wet Platinum is a solid choice for most people and we highly recommend it.

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Condom & Material Safety

Silicone lubricants ARE SAFE to use with 100% medical-grade silicone toys. Silicone lubricants are NOT SAFE to use with blended materials that include silicone. Info
Silicone never completely dries and stays slippery for a long time. Be sure to wash hands and clean spills.
Washes off with soap and water. Spot treat fabrics before washing.


DimethiconeCyclopentasiloxaneDimethiconolPhenyl Trimethicone.

We love seeing dimethicone as the first ingredient! It’s a medium-weight silicone with proven skin-loving properties. Platinum blends dimethicone with 3 other silicones and nothing else – great for people who want to avoid glycols or preservatives.

Platinum is breathable & non-comedogenic – it leaves a soft protective layer that won’t clog pores or interfere with skin’s natural processes.

We recommend silicones because they’re inert and cannot be absorbed – meaning they don’t cause allergies, trigger sensitivities, or bio-accumulate.

Consistency & Lasting Power

Add lube to reactivate.
Dries to a sheen. Leaves a soft, smooth feel. 

As a category, lightweight silicone lubes are among the slickest. Platinum is thin, light, and non-greasy. It distributes over skin quickly and has a fast action. Platinum has zero stickiness even with multiple applications.

Platinum has a dry slickness. One reviewer compared the feeling to graphite powder – you know something’s there and it’s slippery, but there’s no texture, thickness, or drag to it.

As a category, silicone lubes are the longest-lasting. Because Platinum is a lighter-weight formula, it comes in at the lower end of this range but still has great lasting power.

While we prefer heavier silicones for anal sex, Platinum is more than adequate if a few layers are applied. And while all silicones are water-repellent, Platinum is super light and washes off so easily, that we don’t recommend it for the shower.

It’s best to apply silicones a little at a time, and you may need to add a few drops of Platinum as you go.

Left on the skin, Wet Platinum dries to a low-gloss sheen that protects against dry skin-on-skin friction.

Taste & Smell

No tongue numbing. No gross mouth-feel. No taste.
No smell.

Like all silicone lubricants, Wet Platinum has no taste or smell and doesn’t numb the tongue. It’s also light & non-greasy, so there’s no gross mouth feel. We do recommend Platinum for oral sex.

Packaging & Labeling

Shelf life from date of manufacture: 36 months
Replace open bottles by the 'best if used by' date or every 12 months
pH: Not applicable
Osmolality: Not applicable
FDA 501(k) Status: Approved

We reviewed the 3 oz. size with a press-top. While we prefer pump bottles, we appreciate the good grip Wet’s indented bottle provides – especially since silicone on plastic is extremely slippery. We also like needing to squeeze the bottle to dispense lube – it’s reasonably easy to get the right amount and accidental spills are minimized.

Platinum’s packaging is moderately discreet and functional with all the required info and a good tamper seal. We also appreciate that its label explicitly states compatibility with latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane, and has a warning against use with silicone toys.

We wish the lot numbers and expiration dates were printed with more permanent ink, but it’s a problem we’ve seen across many lubricants.


Many thanks to Wet for providing the products used in this review - we appreciate your support!

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